Build Muscle, Protect Your Bones & Tendons, and Recover Faster with the Ultimate Fitness Drink.*

Recover faster and with less soreness*
Strengthen your musculoskeletal system*
Help your muscles grow faster*
Provides healthy energy to your body*
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Get more out of your workouts and recovery with this pre-workout tonic

Working out is one of the best things you can do to keep your body healthy and moving.

The only problem is that so many people focus on the actual workout itself, yet they don’t give as much thought to what happens before and after the workout.

And that’s a shame, because think about it: if you lift weights, your muscles don’t grow during the workout.

Instead, they grow AFTER the workout. When you also consider the fact that poor recovery can lead to more and greater injuries the next time you workout, it all adds up to you needing to take recovery seriously.

And how about before the workout? If you go into the workout without giving your body the right nutrients, energy, and vitamins, how do you think the workout will go?

You’ll likely feel sluggish, and you might be wasting the effort if you’re only getting sub-par results from a sub-par workout.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy, tasty supplement on hand to pop open just before you start working out that could:

  • Intensify your workout*
  • Help your muscles grow*
  • Help you recover quicker*
  • Be less sort the next day*
  • Strengthen your bones*
  • Boost your tendons*
  • Keep you moving*

That’s exactly why I created this Lemon Lime Sparkling Tonic - a low calorie and tasty carbonated liquid supplement that is perfect for the health conscious athlete looking for a real edge.

I’ve designed it to be so fast and easy to quickly hydrate yourself while providing your body with a blast of the best supporting nutrients and vitamins just before you get started working out.

Trust me: you don’t want to start working out without drinking this delicious tonic first!

“Hard workout yesterday. Definitely less sore today.” -Verified Buyer

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The Science of My Active Ingredients

I’ve packed so many great ingredients into this drink because I wanted to make sure you’re covered across the board.

You need energy for an intense workout, you need supplements to improve your recovery, and you need protection for your entire musculoskeletal system.*

Let’s break down all the ingredients and see why my Sparkling Tonic is the ultimate fitness supplement.*

“Just the combination of ingredients I was looking for.”  -Verified Buyer

At the beginning, I told you how crucial having a great recovery from your workout is. So of course I’ve included some of the best supplements and vitamins to maximize your recovery in less time.

Green Tea Extract - Research suggests that oxidative damage may contribute to post workout soreness and fatigue. To counteract that, I’ve included green tea extract which contains powerful antioxidants so that you’re less sore after working out.*

Vitamin E - Talk about a powerful essential vitamin! Vitamin E is one of the body’s most potent antioxidants which will work with the green tea extract to reduce soreness. But wait, there’s more! Vitamin E may help you neutralize fat soluble toxins that could be holding back your recovery as well!*

The more energy you have for a robust and lively workout, then the better results you get. You don’t want to trudge through it with low energy and waste your time. That’s why this tonic supplement includes:

Niacinamide - Also known as Vitamin B3, this is absolutely ESSENTIAL for energy metabolism and helps you break down carbohydrates so you can fuel your workouts!*

Magnesium - You likely know magnesium is an essential mineral, but do you know why? It actually binds to and activates ATP which is the main energy source in cells. So supplementing with magnesium before working out is going to give you the boost you need to power through right to the end!*

No matter what you’re doing when working out or what your goals are, your muscles are going to be in use the whole time.

For many people, bulking or toning their muscles is the entire point of working out!

Yet even if you’re just trying to lose or keep weight off, it is still so important to protect your muscles and provide them with what they need to get you through your workouts. So that’s why I’ve included:

Creatine - Are you ready for great bursts of strength in your workout? Naturally concentrated in muscle, creatine has been shown to support muscle strength, power, and size when combined with high-intensity activities.*

HMB - A derivative of the amino acid leucine, Beta-hydroxy Beta Methylbutyrate (HMB) has been shown to promote lean muscle mass, minimizes muscle breakdown, and enhance protein synthesis. In other words: powerful muscle protection.*

If your bones aren’t strong and healthy, then you’re risking injuries that will sideline you from working out for months.

It’s imperative that you ensure your bones are up to the task, and that’s why I’ve included two very special ingredients:

Vitamin K2 - Vitamin K2 is a special type of vitamin K, shown to stimulate the activity of specialized bone producing cells called osteoblasts. In plain English: this helps build and strengthen your bones.*

Boron - Such a key mineral not only for bone health, but joints and muscles as well! Boron reduces the excretion of calcium and magnesium from the body, and as you likely know, those are the two main components of your bones. This will help you lose far less of the nutrients your bones need to remain strong!*

People who workout think about muscles and bones very often, but it won’t matter how strong either of those are if the tendons that connect them aren’t strong as well!

My tonic supports your entire musculoskeletal system before, during, and after working out, and so I’ve added the following to give your tendons the extra support they need:

Collagen - This one’s a no-brainer! Collagen is the basic building block of tendons. Even better, a boost in collagen may help increase your metabolism too!*

Vitamin C - Everyone knows the general healing benefits of vitamin C, however I’ve added it to my tonic supplement because it helps bind collagen together to give your tendons strength.*

You can’t workout if you can’t move. It’s crucial to keep your joints healthy and flexible no matter who you are if you want a great quality of life, and especially so if you regularly add extra stress on them by working out.

Just like with tendons, you can’t overlook protecting your joints either! This tonic supplement includes:

Hyaluronic Acid - Your car engine would destroy itself from friction if you didn’t use oil to lubricate the parts that rub together. In your body, that’s the function of cartilage to keep bones from rubbing together. Hyaluronic Acid is a key component of cartilage, and therefore this helps lubricate your joints and cushions your bones.*

Turmeric - An ancient spice renowned for many benefits to your health, I’ve included turmeric here as it may help counteract some of the unhealthy processes that lead to pre- mature joint aging!*

“So many good things in it!” -Verified Buyer

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What You Should Know

I believe in and personally drink my Lemon Lime Sparkling Tonic to improve the energy of my workouts, reduce soreness and time recovering, and see great physical results.

As a board certified orthopedic surgeon who is also a fitness fanatic, I’ve delved into the research to pick the best ingredients and have seen the benefits of using them first hand.

Just take a look for yourself:

As it goes into my body, I have sourced great ingredients from around the world and my drink is manufactured in the USA for superior quality.

Even using superior ingredients and manufacturing standards, please know that the body is continually healing itself and many repair processes take a minimum of 12 weeks - that’s 3 months!*

While you’re likely going to notice the boost in energy during and less soreness after working out right away, I still recommend drinking 1 Sparkling Tonic can per day for at least a 3 month trial to maximize the beneficial effect.*

Please know that while I fully stand behind this amazing pre-workout fitness drink, it is not intended to be medication. Everything I’ve said above is provided as a general guide and is not intended to replace the advice and expertise of a qualified health care provider.

If you have a pre-existing condition, are taking any medication, are pregnant or nursing, please ask your health care provider before starting any new regimen. Discontinue use and consult your physician if any adverse reactions occur.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.